What To Put In A Ebay Description

Today's blog post discusses what to put in a description! Descriptions are one of the most important aspects of any successful listing on eBay, and often make or break a sale. We view the written description as the place you get to pitch your item to the potential buyer, and try your best to convince them that they have to own this item, it needs to be in their closet, or they have to wear it to that upcoming event. 

The written description is the part that the seller enters their unique summary on the item they list. Here you get to pitch your item, describe it thoroughly, and preemptively answer any questions the buyer may have. Key elements in a fashion listing are condition, measurements, and any flaws/issues. All Ebay sales are subject to the Buyer Protection Policy, which means if something is not mentioned in the description or listing, the buyer is fully protected for the sale. When listing an item, ALWAYS mention (and if possible photograph) any and all potential flaws to protect yourself from a buyer opening an INAD (Item Not As Described) case against you.

The most important part in your description is putting measurements in your listings. If you don't have measurements and you don't accept returns, a sale is difficult since no one wants to waste their money on something that doesn't fit. Consider this, if you're buying something from nordstromrack.com but there's no measurements and no returns accepted - would you buy it? Also, it makes for less returns as a buyer has a good idea if it will fit or not. Put measurements in all your listings!!!

Always mention the brand, the condition, the size, and the material. The latter is especially true if its leather, or a fur - and don't forget to mention the fur or leather type, especially if its faux/pleather. If you do own vintage you can say "original owner", or mention that its true vintage and what era its from. If the item is from a certain runway or capsule/collaboration go ahead and let the buyer know. Mention if its new, gently used, or like new and any wear and tear. When mentioning the flaws, be honest if that stain won't come out put it, or if a button is loose write it. When honest people are more likely to purchase it if they do want it, and won't be upset when it shows up with the flaw. 

When it comes to Ebay its never better to ask for forgiveness, always ask for permission.

Here at TSL our listings always have a standard/template of information thats posted for the buyer's convenience. These critical pieces of information should be standard in all your listings, your return policy, how many days you ship out, and if your item comes pet and smoke free place or not. One of the most important statements we make is our return policy, which is 14 days, buyer has to pay the return shipping, and the item is subject to a 15% restock fee. We also state that we shipped via USPS, and that items are shipped within 1 business day. Besides these two key pieces of information, we assure the buyer that our environment is pet and smoke-free. 

Our detailed description not only mentions the above, but we also give a brief introduction to what The Style Lister is about. This is unnecessary if you're a standard seller, but if you do have a store you should consider putting a brief bio in order to connect with your audience and look more professional. Though this is completely optional, TSL also gives styling ideas to the potential buyer. We mention how they can easily integrate this piece into their closet with a basic styling tip to entice them to purchase. They have to think that they own those basic items and this piece would easily fit in their closet and they could wear immediately upon receipt. You want to inspire them to purchase it! We have had many buyers contact us directly and thanks for the description because they were able to piece together an outfit based on our recommendation.

DO NOT make excuses why you're selling or mention phrases like "Too big/small for me, since I lost/gained weight" "Bought it but never got to it", "I'm moving :(" "My ex bought it and I want him out of my life". People want to know about the product, so don't waste their time with irrelevant information, we all own something in our closets that we never got to wearing, so there is no need to mention it. Keep the information relevant because if they get bored they'll move on to the next listing. Putting pointless information that has nothing to do with your return or shipping policies, using ALL CAPS THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE LISTING or ~~~TyPiNg UsInG LoWeRcAsE and CaPiTaL lEtTeRs AlTeRnAtIvElY sucks. Don't do it. Emojis don't help either. A lot of sellers swear by the KISS method, Keep It Simple, Stupid, and this is a great piece of advice to put in descriptions.

A detailed description can really make or break a listing as long as you have the three most important elements: measurements, condition, and flaws/issues. When you put these in your description you are sure to sell you item successfully on Ebay as these are the things that all buyers are looking for. When answering these potential questions before they ask, they are more likely to make the instant purchase or bid for that beautiful piece that you're selling.