When Should You Be Selling Sunglasses on Ebay

September is the last month for selling items that are for summer, which include sundresses, rompers, sandals, swimsuits, and caftans. If you have limited listings due to budget constraints it is always best to prioritize your listings by seasonal items, then by brand, and everything else follows suit. One item I don't recommend you phase out are sunglasses, as I consider them only somewhat seasonal based on sales and purchases.

There is a stark difference between summer pieces and sunglasses when it comes to selling. What I love most about sunglasses is that they're a year-round item. I definitely consider sunglasses a "splurge" accessory that people will often impulsively buy. Everyone knows that it can be a struggle to find a pair of sunglasses that doesn't always match their frame, so when you find that perfect size and shape, you're more likely to purchase. A lot of times buyers will find a pair of sunglasses in a department or outlet store and look on eBay for one thats worn, or new at a better discount. I always recommend listing your sunglasses during the spring and summer months, but do not consider them as an item to take down for the season to replace with some other accessories thinking that they won't sell during fall and winter seasons.

When listing sunglasses there are some key elements to bump up your sales. First and foremost take great pictures of the sunglasses and any scratches or flaws - specifically the lenses. If they are a higher end or a specific brand be sure to put the name of the sunglasses and any serial numbers or names that are on the arm. Tom Ford, Retrosuperfuture, Karen Walker, Thierry Lasry all have names for their unique shades - a simple google search will give you the answer you're looking for. If you have access, the frame sizes are incredibly helpful for a buyer. Click here for a picture of frame sizes that should help you do the measurements yourself or understand them for your own reference. Note if the box and/or case is available and let the buyer know if its the original or generic. 

To confirm, sales for sunnies do drop in the fall and winter and of course jump during spring and summer, but the sales are prominent enough to keep this type of listing in rotation. Buyers are always looking for new sunglasses year round and they're always looking for a specific pair that they may have missed out earlier in the season. Sunglasses are a great go to for listing as people are always looking for high end brands and even more so high end accessories.


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