Jewelry Sets Sell them Together or Separate?

I love jewelry and accessories! I own so many earrings bracelets and necklaces its hard to keep up on everything. Though a lot of my items are vintage or handmade, when I do come across beautiful jewelry in a department store or shop, I tend to buy the whole set or more than one piece of it. Im almost always buying the earrings and the bracelet or the necklace and ring. I always assumed that other women do the same as well, but I now recognize that may not always be the case.

When selling jewelry a lot of sellers list their items split or as a set. Here at TSL I've done both, I've listed a bracelet and earrings together and charged more, and listed them separately noting to the customer if they buy both pieces there will be a discount. We noticed that I not only sold the items faster when they're listed separately, but also made more money. Through my experience I realized that a lot of buyers do not have pierced ears, or do not like wearing bracelets, etc. I would get many requests from buyers asking for a better price if I would not sell the other piece. I decided to conduct an experiment and see which items were and weren't selling when I would do a set or split.  

It was like night and day! Sales for jewelry rose quite a bit and many items that weren't moving were suddenly out the door. I realized that individually jewelry was much more likely to sell and much faster as well when I didn't do the set. I also saw a bump in profits as I would charge a little bit more for each item individually. In all our items that have a matching piece, I'd always let the buyer know that if the matching earrings or bracelet or necklace was available and if they wanted the full set I would discount both for them. As of this blog post I have yet to get one request for a lot price. 

If you really want your jewelry to sell it is always best to sell them separately. Not only will your sales improve, but your profits will increase as well.