Phasing Out Summer for Fall on Ebay

Last week's blog post touched upon phasing out pieces that aren't as likely to sell in the fall as they are in spring and summer before diving into key tips for selling sunglasses. The 4th quarter sales are right around the corner and people are no longer looking for gladiators or silk caftans but heavy coats, sweaters, and sequined cocktail dresses. Consider if you were to head to the mall right now with no budget and you could buy whatever you wanted, would you buy a bikini and gladiators, or would you pick up a cozy coat? The trick to Ebay is seasonal selling and knowing what sells and when. The month of October and November are HUGE months for fall as well as winter items and my experience the highest profit margins for coats, jackets, and sweaters. Be critical about what you're posting in the fall. Though there are of course exceptions to the the rules, you will not generate as many sales on summer items as you would winter. This is even more so when doing auction listings. You will make a higher profit on that Mara Hoffman caftan in June vs December because you won't have as many watchers or bidders trying to buy that item. There is the reversal of winter clothing not selling at its full potential because no one is looking to buy a fox fur coat in July. If you are on a budget, be selective of your listings as you don't want to pay for a listing that simply won't sell.

Since I do have a basic seller store I have higher listing levels which allows me to have non seasonal items up year round. I do have summer and winter items up all the time, but it wasn't always this way. After a few years I noticed that my summer items never sold during winter, and my winter items never sold during summer. Though some areas of the country or international buyers would purchase my items that were out of season a good rule of thumb is if you're on a budget only list items that are in season, so you're not paying for extra when you use up your free listings. Nothing is more annoying than using your last free listing on a sarong when you could have listed a gorgeous scarf.

To finalize, when the season starts to change take a look at what you're listing, and be critical. If its not something that is in season, consider saving the listing when Ebay offers you a free listing promotion or when you have an extra listing at the end of the month.  Remember, hats, purses, jewelry, and other accessories can always be sold year round. Take into consideration what is being currently sold in stores, and you should consider having the same pieces up for sale as well. If you have the available listings definitely list those items that may be out of season, but don't waste your money and don't pay for it. It will cut into your profits.