Should I Pitch Lifestyle as Opposed to Age Group?

"As I said, I have not launched my brand as yet, but in my studio I have been "trying it out" with my clients. My must-have piece so far, has attracted 25 year olds, 30 year olds and 50 year old. It has confused me because my target audience was set for 25 to 35.

Should I celebrate this unique edge and adjust how I target my audience or should I tweak design? I'm concerned about confusing ads and it makes me think I should "pitch" lifestyle as opposed to age group?"  - Fashionpreneur Group Question

This was a fantastic question asked by a wonderful member of my exclusive Facebook group Fashion Sellers Selling on Ebay - a group of dedicated fashion sellers who strive to improve their own and each other's Ebay stores and Online Boutiques. Its such a great question, I decided to post this here for all my dear readers. This is a compacted version of my full response. 

Loved this question so much as it covered a lot of serious and valid questions for those starting a new venture, and thats getting to know your target market and how to sell to them. Lifestyle is always key with promoting to women, you gut is spot on with this, and that is what I would focus on right now, creating a brand with a lifestyle to it- lets unpack :)

The fact that you have 160+ fans on your Facebook page gives you a solid edge, you can market to them- and even start asking questions on your Facebook. Blog posts (2-4 times a month) and almost daily Instagram posts are critical for fashion, and the best part of these you can easily add to your Pinterest business account when you generate both of those marketing tactics. You need to start creating the image/brand/lifestyle you're developing from now, not when you launch. You have beautiful items, so its time to preview them to the world. Your story of being a pattern maker, your family roots, and creating your fashion line is something you should definitely write about - and in doing this buyers will find a connection to your brand and they will want to support you.

With a handy blog, they will also do the next important thing, with is giving you their email address. In the next steps to creating your advertising, is change your "coming soon" on your homepage and make it so visitors can submit their email address to you- when you launch you can message them. A great way to inspire them is with a coupon/discount, and keeping them updated on your blooming business. You want the audience before you fully launch to ensure a successful launch. I am unsure who is handling your website, but currently I use Squarespace, which does allow blogging and e-commerce, and is easy to build if you don’t have any experience with developing a website.

As I stated earlier DO NOT change your designs to suit your younger based audience. The fact that you can sell to that many age groups speaks volumes. Do not forget, older women are always more likely to pay more for high quality items. A 25 year old recently out of college/just married isn't going to be as open to spending more money on a dress or well made top, but a 40+ year old woman who is financially stable is more likely to open her wallet.