How To List Summer Style on Ebay

NWT $440 Alice Olivia Menagerie Floral Bird Mermaid Full Length Maxi Skirt M L 8

Summer is in full effect here at the TSL shop and full length skirts are a personal favorite for us, and we hope for you as well. Currently our summer favorite is this incredible maxi from the classic Alice + Olivia. The Menagerie skirt with this incredible bird pattern. Pair with your favorite cropped denim jacket and gladiators for date night, or with a white top and heels for that wedding you have to attend- this item is a sure staple for any closet. 

This piece is a perfect example to discuss summer style and popular search words and terms, so besides the catchy description, keywords are critical as they bring the potential buyer to the listing itself. 

The keywords/phrases that will trigger in the searches are: Alice Olivia, Menagerie, Floral, Bird, Mermaid, Full Length, Maxi. With "Menagerie", being the exception each of these keywords and phrases are huge in Ebay's search queries. When creating your listing look at the details of your item, from the brand, to the pattern, the cut, the colors, and the style. These elements are key to creating an item that pops up in any search when a potential buyer on Ebay is shopping. Currently, when looking up each key phrase under the category "Skirt" we get the following numbers:

Alice Olivia: 623
Menagerie: 14
Floral: 112,866
Bird: 724
Mermaid: 6,146
Full Length: 12,316
Maxi:  121,106

These numbers are indicative of how popular these items are on Ebay, and though this item is one of each of these statistics, these keywords are words that buyers are using most- hence their popularity. Think Floral instead of flower and maxi instead of long. 

UPDATE: Skirt was sold on August 2nd.