Handling Time on Ebay

Ebay always for accuracy when it comes to estimated arrival dates. When shopping on Ebay, buyers get an estimated window of arrival based on the type of shipping service and handling time. Today's post breaks down what handling time is and how it improves your sales.

Handling times on eBay are the business days that it takes for you to ship out to the buyer. Business days are considered Monday though Friday and Saturday/Sunday are not considered business days. Any transactions made on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Monday is considered the next business day. For example, if you sell an item on Thursday at/before 11:59PM YOUR time and you have one day handling, then you have to ship out on Friday. If the purchase is made on Friday, you ship on Monday. The cutoff for one business day is 11:59PM, and for same day handling it is 2:00PM for the seller's time.

Ebay shippers tend to send their packages one to two business days after cleared payment. If you're unable to ship your item within 1 to 2 handling days, TSL recommends that you mention this in your listing so that buyers are forewarned. This is to your benefit if the buyer decides to leave negative or neutral feedback it can be removed. When you have the appropriate handling time put in your listing than the time the date that the estimate for date of delivery will be accurate as well. The shipping dates take into consideration the type of shipping that you're using, your handling time, and where you are located. Shipping time is also assumed when buyer makes payment. So if your buyer wins the auction but takes 10 days to pay, you do not ship until its cleared payment is made. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU SHIP OUT THE ITEM BEFORE A CLEARED PAYMENT. EVER. 

If you live in a remote area or aren't able to ship out packages consistently make sure you pick a handling time that you can do. You have to be accurate about this so the buyer knows that it will take several days for an item to be shipped out and received, you must stay within your window. If you can't stay within your handling time, Ebay can lower your seller level and document all your late shipments in your shipment rate. Your shipment rating is based on uploaded and validated tracking. If you use Ebay to ship its automatically uploaded but validation is when its received by the shipping service. If your shipment rate is above 7%, Ebay can contact you about your handling time on your listings or lower your seller levels and discounts. 

Make sure you're shipping using your selected shipping, because if you have priority express but you use first class and the item isn't received within the handling time, you can get dinged when the buyer informs Ebay if the shipment wasn't on time when they leave feedback. You want it to be low as possible, and Ebay gives you a window of 3%, knowing that mistakes and life happens. This statistic does not factor in natural disasters, such as wildfires, hurricanes, and floods. If your shipment is delayed due to a hurricane, Ebay does not ding you for it, but you have to contact them to adjust it. If you are going on vacation and do not have a seller store you can change the handling time on items to reflect when you will be able to send them out as well, while keeping the listings active.

Always be honest about your handling time as a buyer can get upset if you do not ship it within that time. Often enough buyers are expecting to receive an item by the estimated date for a specific event, such as a party, a date, or a costume/themed event. Many times buyers make purchases assuming that they will receive an item within a specific day and if you do not follow the handling time a buyer can leave you negative or neutral feedback. 

Often buyers will spend more money on an item when they see the handling time and receiving time is sooner and will buy from a seller that has great feedback that states fast shipping. If you and another buyer are selling the same denim jacket, a buyer will most likely purchase it from you if they see that you have a faster handling time and glowing reviews. This easy step is a great way to make extra sales without doing much work.