Daily Habits for Ebay Sellers

Hello Dear Lister - I hope to find you well, with the 4th quarter upon us I am really looking forward to the hustle and bustle of the online holiday sales! As you know, these blog posts are a mix of what I believe we should be talking about, thinking about, and what people are asking us about. Today's post is about productivity, keeping good Ebay habits, and how I keep listing even when it seems time isn't on my side. Do not be fooled, selling on Ebay isn't my full time job, or even my part time job, its a fantastic hobby that I am excited to do. My love of fashion, making a little money, as well as the bargain buy has kept me a long time member on this incredible platform. After some self reflection and taking a step back, I realized there are a couple of steps, things I've done differently recently that have as of late changed the course of my store from fun change to getting some solid income. In my FREE Facebook group, Fashion Sellers Selling on Ebay I always be sure to stay positive and give the best advice I can when it comes to this part of the fashion industry. You can click on the link HERE and join.

First Habit: Designating an hour daily for Ebay and Ebay alone. Now I you're saying to yourself "Oh yea I totally do that", but I'm sure you don't, because I hardly do. You have to make this a habit, and a good one at that. To help with this I have a wall calendar up in my room, and when I work an hour on Ebay - I put a big fantastic X on that date, and if I worked on it a little, I get a line, and if I didn't do anything, I leave the day blank. It helps put you in the groove of selling everyday because you see a few X's in a row and you want to keep it up. I try to designate time every evening, and when I head to the remote to watch my favorite sports team or dramatic reality TV I always ask myself if I can put that X on my calendar. When the answer is no, I head to my computer or tablet and get to work, even if its for 30 minutes, every little bit helps. Most of the time I’m editing listing titles, adding measurements, or creating new listings.

Second Habit: Always try to generate sales. Im blessed to have an eclectic closet with a variety of pieces that I no longer wear. I try to be smart and honest about editing my closet. If I haven't worn something in more than a year it goes on "probation", if it doesn't fit right, or I've bought it and haven't worn it in more than year, I list it, unless its special or I intend to wear it in the future at some point. I think to myself if I list and sell this, I could use the money and buy something that I would actually wear right now, or that is new and on trend. Its a solid incentive and my wardrobe is always evolving due to this mantra. I also put items for sale and discount pieces when I see little or no traction and I just want to unload them from my store. I try to be really objective when listing, and even more so when discounting. I also work on my social media accounts, liking things on my Instagram account, pinning on Pinterest, and engaging with other sellers in my Facebook group Fashion Sellers Selling on Ebay.

Third Habit: Being positive. I know this one sounds a little random, but its very true. I have had incredible months selling, and I have had dry spells like no other. It can be frustrating as a seller to not get people to buy your pieces or have a ton of watchers and the item isn't moving. There are times when I will sell an item and the buyer decides to return it for whatever reason and money I thought I was going to make- I wasn't going to make at all. Recognizing that there are always going to be those ups and downs is easy, making sure you stay positive and happy can be challenging, and I know this from personal experience. I do my best to smile and know that tomorrow is a new day, and you should too.