The Ebay Grind: Summer Selling and the 3rd Quarter

Summer is here and we are entering the slowest time for sales when it comes to Ebay. Rule of thumb for many businesses is that they look at their earnings quarterly: 1st (Jan-Mar), 2nd (Apr-Jun), 3rd (Jul-Sep), and 4th (Oct-Dec). Ebay is no different and we are currently closing out the 2nd quarter. For most sellers on Ebay we know that the 3rd quarter tends to be the slowest of the year. This is mostly due to people being on vacation, are outdoors, or enjoying the time off with their family and friends. Take into consideration (besides work) how often you're sitting at home in front of your computer/tablet/phone or in front of your TV when the sun is out and the weather is warm. People tend to shop for the summer during the second quarter and enjoy their item during the 3rd. This is not to say that sales don't happen, there are just less of them.

TSL prepares for our slowest period by gearing up for our biggest - the incredible 4th! As soon as October starts everyone looks around and realizes that winter is coming. They not only seek winter coats and jackets, but also start their holiday shopping. We begin to prepare our inventory by prepping all the winter wear that we want to sell by cleaning, repairing and photographing. Besides digging though our closet we also head to the thrift shops and second hand stores for some smart shopping for our filler pieces and furs. Prices are at their lowest for coats, jackets, and sweaters - a perfect time to buy, and negotiate with your favorite consignment store for a better price for an item that never moved during the winter season. Always keep your eyes out for key pieces in clearance racks and flash sales as you might find a gem for a potential buyer. Besides looking through thrift stores, Ebay is another fantastic spot to look for winter clothing as a lot of people are selling their winter clothes during this time, which can be a double edge sword.  For example, your Steve Madden plaid jacket could be the only one listed in July, versus in October when there are 6 others just like it, and a happy buyer might just decide to buy it while at the airport waiting for her flight home from Hawaii. Another great thing is that some sellers know that it is the slow season and they have reduced prices when it comes to coats and jackets just to unload their inventory and increase cash flow - giving you the opportunity to buy this item and sell it yourself at a higher price at a later date. TSL has sold winter clothing during this quarter, but very little, and the watchers for our leather and fur goods tend to be at our lowest. FRET NOT dear lister as summer clothing is always great to have listed and due to smartphones your items are always up for sale, no matter what time it is, no matter where the buyer is.  

Don't forget our mantra, just list it!