Winter Sales: Feast or Famine?

Here at TSL I recognize that selling clothing is a 12 month job. Unlike fashion sellers, some only sell seasonal items or feel serious slumps during the warmer months (see: 3rd Quarter post). Though there is a slight drop in sales during the summer, we really feel the slowdown in the final 2 weeks before Christmas. Ironically enough, this is when the major sales happen for most Ebay stores because many of them are selling gifts, games, and decorations for the impending holidays. But not to worry if you have a bit of a slump, because good times are coming, I promise!

Since sellers like us are selling items that buyers are buying for themselves, we don't get a lot of business during this brief time period. The only advice I can lovingly give is to keep on listing!! I've also noticed my items get ridiculously high amounts of watchers during this period, and then I hear that beautiful cha-ching/cash register sound from my Ebay app. As soon as Christmas morning I start getting sales. What I believe is sellers are watching items they want to buy when they get their holiday cash/giftcards. I always keep listing during this period, especially hats, scarves, and coats. They are always selling and always moving during the fall and winter months. Wrapping up the year with a ton of listings in your store is an incredible feeling as well. I always feel more accomplished posting a handful of new items when everyone around me is running around the stores buying those special gifts for their loved ones. Don't feel discouraged if you're feeling the slowdown, because I am too- but I assure you we are in this together!