Buy Buy Buy

Though a lot of people shop on Ebay for random household items, the latest technology, or random knickknacks, I love shopping there because it provides me the opportunity for a fantastic range of style. I remember making my first Ebay purchase 15 years ago, it was this perfectly blue Kangol hat. It was brand spanking new and I loved the Navy color. I fell into this rabbit hole of a marketplace and its been a part of my wardrobe history since. From that first purchase I was hooked,  One of my most treasured items is a vintage 60's Army dress shirt. Its comfy and though I've washed it 10,000 times since 2005 the sleeves are still permanently pressed. I love my Ebay finds and many times I would get compliments from friends or strangers asking me where I got my standout shoes or my jacket. Ebay I would tell them, EBAY.  As my closet grew and my style changed. I tried my hand at selling by getting rid of items I never wore anymore or never got to wearing in the first place. My closet is still pretty full but most of the items that are in there have stood the test of time. Some people are one dimensional in their fashion, but that doesn't work for me. In my closet you'll find items I've bought from Nordstroms, TJ Maxx, upscale boutiques, and other places. Everyone's style is different and as long as you feel good about yourself, that to me is what matters most.