I started The Style Lister because I love to sell my clothes online. It all began in college - I had all these beautiful items sitting in my closet that I no longer wore. I took them to consignment shops and balked at the $12 "store credit" for a $400 dress that I literally wore once to a wedding or $3 for $300 Diesel jeans that were in perfect condition. It was insulting. Though I completely understand and condone maximizing profit, I just couldn't part with my clothing for that little of money. Since I would use Ebay to purchase vinyl records, I decided to give selling a try. I took pictures and listed my treasures, having OK success but nothing serious.

As my fashion palette evolved so did my desire to sell my unique items while hopefully turning a small profit, or at least not losing an incredible amount of money. I put more effort into my listings but wasn't profitable at the level I wanted. I started researching Ebay clothing selling, but couldn't find a website that had solid information about how to do this successfully. I looked for any kind of advice on how to develop my listings, increase my sales, and improve my Ebay game. I scoured the web only to find generic tips or web pages that weren't much, if any help. Worse yet, I found sites on how to sell antiques, collectible items, and even drop shipping, but nothing that focused on fashion, high end or otherwise. It took me a long time to establish myself as a reputable and reliable seller, which was difficult because I had to do it on my own. I wondered how there weren't any sites for style sellers like me to have a network with helpful tips and tricks specifically about selling fashion online. 

I decided to change that.

This website is dedicated to how a person can sell their clothing online, with an emphasis on Ebay as the marketplace. I will showcase what I sell and how I sell it, and how you can sell your clothing too. I'll also share what has worked and hasn't worked for me. Finally, I will post beautiful pieces from other sellers that I love, and discuss that purchase - or if it sadly got away. My experience should help anyone who is selling their clothing on any platform. These guidelines are UNIVERSAL and can help everyone on how to list and sell their clothing online. I know so many fashion bloggers out there that have closets full of clothing that they no longer wear and probably will never get to putting on. I know that I can help get people started on selling their unwanted items and making some money at the same time.  I will be honest with you - I am a little selfish. I'm hoping this site inspires you to post that fantastic fashion piece you never got to wearing, and I happen to stumble upon it.  

Thanks for stopping by.

-The Style Lister